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Prophecies and Prayer


The Battle is Mine -The Victory is Yours

Don’t seek it in the realm of the natural, saith the Lord, because you see, you’ve sought it there for years. There’s been despair and turmoil and fear, but now, you feel My presence near.

  • Charles Capps

War In The Heavenly Realm

Great joy came to me on the morning of January 14, 2021 as God said to me, “Do you think the devil is smarter than I am? Don’t you think I have this figured out?” What is happening on earth in all nations is a reflection of what is going on in the heavenlies where a war is raging. Satan’s kingdom is divided.

  • Annette Capps

Sequence, Timing and Fulfillment

 In the world, there is a sequence of events that gravitate toward the timing of Almighty God to bring forth the fulfillment and manifestation of the events prophesied in the days before. So is it, even in this nation, that a sequence of events have already started and are gravitating toward the timing of the end. You see it on the horizon; you see it in the newspapers daily.

  • Annette Capps

Financial Inversion

Prophecy delivered by Charles Capps February 1, 1978 Honolulu, Hawaii     Financial inversions shall come forth from this that has been wrought to...