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Sequence, Timing and Fulfillment


Sequence, Timing, and Fulfillment

Prophecy given by Charles Capps June 26, 1989
Taken from the book — The Spirit of Prophecy by Annette Capps

“There is a sequence of events that must gravitate naturally in the timing of God for fulfillment.”


   In the world, there is a sequence of events that gravitate toward the timing of Almighty God to bring forth the fulfillment and manifestation of the events prophesied in the days before.

   So is it, even in this nation, that a sequence of events have already started and are gravitating toward the timing of the end. You see it on the horizon; you see it in the newspapers daily.


   There must be a gravitation toward that timing. For the sequence of these events must correlate to God’s timing to bring forth the fulfillment and manifestation of end-time events prophesied by the prophets of old.


   In your individual life also, there is a sequence of events that must gravitate naturally to the timing of God for fulfillment. Some of the things you have seen are for the days to come. Every individual has a sequence of events that must transpire in the natural order of gravitation toward the timing of God.

   If you force that and get out of the sequence of events by pressing into the spirit realm to force a manifestation, then you break out of God’s timing and reach into the world of the spirit with which you are not familiar. And some of these spirits will deceive you and lead you astray into a realm that is not for the order of the day.

   But if you allow the natural gravitation of these events — which will come by the anointing of God within you to lead you in these things — then it will be in perfect timing. Even as an automobile has a timing chain that will keep the sequence of that engine in perfect timing to power it forward, so it is in the life of every individual.

   Be careful that you don’t press the order of events which have been revealed to you either by revelation, by knowledge, or by your spirit. But allow — through prayer in the Spirit and with the understanding also — the gravitation unto the sequence of those events, and it will come in perfect timing. In the days to come, you will live out the reality of that thing in a natural flow of the Spirit of God.

   But be careful that you don’t press into that realm of the spirit trying to operate on someone else’s anointing, lest you encounter a realm of the spirit that you are not able to deal with because of timing. Some ministries have pushed into this realm through natural means, rather than in the Spirit.

   They caught a glimpse, a revelation of My plan, will, and purpose, but they shifted over into the natural. They tried to force this by their natural initiative.

   By their own initiative, they are forcing into the realm of the Spirit. By doing so, they open themselves to other spirits. That is why some ministries have fallen and others will fail.

   Many are led astray, and they lead many astray. There is a sequence, a timing, and a fulfillment. And if you will allow it in your life, you won’t have to struggle. You won’t have to worry. You won’t have to fret. You won’t have to wring your hands in despair. But you will lift up your voice and rejoice because you will know the fulfillment is near.

   But let it come by the Spirit of God, by the anointing of God, and by the flow of God. And then you will look back in the days to come and say, “I’m so glad that I was led by the Spirit and didn’t get over into the natural.” You will see these things in manifestation in the days to come in My timing and in the manifestation of My power in your individual lives.



Annette's Commentary

   This prophecy is both a warning and an encouragement. How many of us get tired of waiting and push forward, only to find out that we missed it! We may have the vision, the determination, and the drive to get it done, but God’s timing is ultimately important.

   Moses wanted to deliver his people from oppression. He was called by God to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt. But rather than letting things move on naturally until the timing was right, he stepped in and slew an Egyptian and became a fugitive in the desert for a long time!

   In reading the wisdom of this prophecy, it seems to apply to my life every day. When we want something, we want it now. It pays to get into the Word and wait on God until He gives you the signal to take action.

   What we are seeing in the world today is exactly what the prophets saw thousands of years ago, whether or not they understood it. We may not fully understand the progression and nuances of the end of the age, but there is a timing to it.

   The glorious Church may enter into realms of glory that we haven’t imagined, and there is a timing to that also. We cannot force it. The cloud of God’s glory goes before us, and we are to follow.

   Are you tuned into the voice of the Holy Spirit and only going where He leads?

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1



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