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War In The Heavenly Realm


War in the Heavenly Realm
Prophecy delivered by Annette Capps Jan. 14, 2021


   Great joy came to me on the morning of January 14, 2021 as God said to me, “Do you think the devil is smarter than I am? Don’t you think I have this figured out?”


   What is happening on earth in all nations is a reflection of what is going on in the heavenlies where a war is raging. Satan’s kingdom is divided. They are fighting against each other. Each has a view and opinion of what needs to be done and they are at counter purposes to each other.  They are accusing each other. Anarchy has arisen against satan himself among his ranks. They have no wisdom and they have no plan. What natural truth or fact they have, has been twisted to their own ideas.


   Satan himself sowed this rebellion, anarchy, and chaos when he rebelled against God. Now he is reaping the harvest with his own followers.


   Quit looking at what is happening in the bleachers where the fights are breaking out. Get your eyes on the game on the field.  It is a spiritual battle and the odds are not even. God has more players on the field, greater strategy, more troops in the fight. The game has already been called. Unite yourself with Me, and listen to My Spirit, return to My Word and celebrate the victory. You are only watching a replay. In the realm of the Spirit the GAME IS OVER!"



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  • Annette Capps