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The Battle is Mine -The Victory is Yours


The Battle is Mine -The Victory is Yours
Prophecy given by Charles Capps, 1979  


   Don’t seek it in the realm of the natural, saith the Lord, because you see, you’ve sought it there for years. There’s been despair and turmoil and fear, but now, you feel My presence near.

   Begin to voice what My Word has said. You’ll rise up and enter into a new life. You’ll look around at some as though they were dead and say, “Why did I struggle in the pit of despair when the Word of God, it was there.”

   Walk not in defeat. Walk not in fear, but know that My power and My deliverance is near, even in thy mouth and in thy heart. So gird up the loins of your mind but don’t fight nor struggle, neither walk in fear or despair. Lift up your eyes to the throne for I am there.

   My wisdom shall flow and your strength shall grow. You’ll walk out of defeat into victory. You’ll look beyond the days that you suffered in the valley below, and you’ll rejoice. You’ll rejoice at the things you’ve learned, things you didn’t know, because it’ll release Me inside you.

   So enter into a rest, into a rest, not the fight. Gird up your loins. Stand to your true height. I have spoken and My Word shall not return void. Because you see, the strength of My Word is what upholds the universe and all the laws there in.

   So don’t look back where you’ve been but look forward to that which shall be, for My strength and My wisdom you shall see. For the power of My Word shall go beyond what men have heard. Into the realm of the supernatural shall this generation see. For the angels of God shall enter into the earth and become very much involved in the things you shall see.

   It will be profound even beyond what men have imagined. All of heaven waited for this hour when men shall release My creative power. For it shall be that the knowledge of the Lord shall rise in the land as a cloud that covers the sea and it shall flow as a river.

   Some shall be swept away in it, fighting against what My Word has said. Others shall walk up on it. They’ll climb as though it were a ladder a step at a time from one level of glory to another.

   The church shall rise from defeat. The church shall walk on in the earth. The glory of the Lord shall be seen in the land. For you shall release My hand. The supernatural Ministry of angels shall be known abroad throughout the earth. The news media will catch it. It will become front page articles, and men shall know that My power and My ability I’m willing to bestow.

   The earth shall gain knowledge it sought in the past. Many things that have been faith in days past shall become common knowledge in the end time.

   But men shall walk on in their defeat and despair, even though the light of My Word is there. But don’t be disillusioned by those who turn their back and walk in darkness, for you see, the children of darkness seek not the light. But they do desire to enter into the fight.

   But don’t walk in their way for as darkness grows darker in this earth, the light of My Word shall grow lighter. And the strength of that light shall be the thing that shall cause you to see.

   But darkness, for the dark that the enemy has brought shall cause them to stumble and fall, for they can’t see at all. As they looked upon the light they squinted their eyes, their eyes they did close.

   So consider not and be not dismayed for those who have walked in their own ways. But continue on in My Word, for there shall come visions and revelations in the end time. Many, many, MANY visions and revelations shall there be. But stay close with My Word for it’s in the Word you shall see.

   There shall be counterfeits presenting themselves as angels of light trying to get you to enter into the fight, but walk not in that way for I’ll reveal it in that day. You’ll not be void of understanding; neither will you walk in despair. You’ll walk in victory for I’ll be there.

   The church shall rise to walk in the earth in the latter days in greater power and manifestations of the Spirit than ever before. The earth shall tremble and the earth shall quake. For I shall shake all that can be shaken in the end time.

   But My word will never fail. Standing on it you shall prevail. For the day is at hand that the church shall come in to its own. My Body shall rise and it shall be grown. It shall not walk in defeat or despair. But this Church will become a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle. For I’m coming for a Church that is walking in victory!

   The Church and the Body shall grow together. So shall the unity come. But you’ll see the world in its darkness split in every direction. In the end time it shall be that those of darkness the light they can’t see. They won’t be together in unity as they are now, but My Body shall come into unity and some shall say HOW. It shall be, by the supernatural love that shall flow in the earth.

   All the children of darkness shall be scattered here and there. But the Body shall stand as one. So you see, the righteous shall inherit the earth because they shall walk as one.

   Governments shall be changed. Nations of the world will stand in awe for My power shall be manifest, and you’ll see it. You’ll see it in the day which you live. For that day is at hand.

   So lift up your voice and begin to proclaim throughout the land, that it is a glorious day, for the Word is alive! The Spirit of God will cause you not to strive but to walk in victory. So REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE! Learn to walk in victory! For the battle is Mine and the victory is yours!

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  • Charles Capps