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Concepts of Faith with Charles Capps

The concepts of Faith radio broadcast was launched in 1977. Farmer and land developer Charles Capps' down to earth teachings immediately appealed to people seeking spiritual truths to escape the bondage of religious indoctrination. Today the Word that Charles taught continues to minister the Word on over 100 radio stations throughout the U.S.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

January 2019

You can now order a copy of this weeks Radio Programs on CD. Click Here to Select the week you would like to order. 

Radio Program Title Offer
Week 1
Program #1021-1025
Jan. 7 - Jan. 11
The Substance of Things

The Substance of Things
#7240 - 2 CDs
$15.00 + S&H

Week 2
Program #1026 -1030
Jan. 14 - Jan. 18

The Invisible Things of the Godhead          

Changing the Seen and Shaping the Unseen
#7506 - Book
$7.00 + S&H

Week 3
Program #1041 - 1045
Jan. 21 - Jan. 25
Words and Faith 

The Tongue a Creative Force
#7502 - Book
$8.00 + S&H

Week 4
Program #1046 - 1050
Jan. 28 - Feb. 1
Faith that Doubts Not

Manifestations of the Spirit
#7235 - 2 CDs
$15.00 + S&H

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