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The Frontiers of the Spirit


   I have noticed that sometimes when a prophetic word is given, people get so excited that they miss the message. I have been reviewing some of the prophetic words that have been given, and I am convinced that it is important that we meditate on just what these words mean and embrace them, then speak them into reality in our lives. I am including two prophecies that encourages us to move higher in Him!

—Annette Capps


The Avenues of the Spirit
Prophecy given by Charles Capps, July 11, 1978

   The avenues of My Spirit saith the Lord are limitless. So are the avenues of man’s spirit. They are limitless. The horizons that are before are horizons of new frontiers that men who will walk in the Word will enter. The world has looked and said, “There are none. The frontiers are all gone.” But they are not all gone saith the Lord. The frontiers of the spirit are coming into their own in this hour. Learn to walk in the ways of the Word. Learn to speak the things you have heard from the Word. Learn to be obedient to My laws and My spirit will move inside your spirit and we together will overcome and we’ll walk in the power of the spirit. We will walk in My wisdom, we’ll speak together, we’ll talk together, we’ll walk together and we’ll be as one.

   Those that say darkness is coming and doom shall prevail have only to read My Word and find that satan shall not prevail. Darkness has never prevailed over light neither shall it be, saith the Lord, that darkness shall ever prevail in the presence of light. For the entrance of the Word bringeth light and the light shall drive out the darkness. Darkness shall flee. Darkness shall not penetrate any light, but the light shall penetrate all darkness.

   So allow My Spirit to move within you. Allow your spirit freedom to release yourself in My Word. Release your spirit. Release yourself. Allow Me to move in your behalf for I desire to move for My People. I desire to create better things for My people. And the Word of the Lord shall prevail; the Word of the Lord will not fail. The Word of the Lord shall be the only thing that will stand. The earth shall shake, the earth shall tremble, everything that can be shaken will be shaken in the end. Stand upon My Word for My Word shall never fall. It will never fail. When all else fails My Word shall stand. So don’t turn and look to the wisdom or authority of man but look to My Word. Understand My Word. Seek the kingdom, seek the knowledge of My Word, apply it in the midst of your spirit.

   So shall the anointing of God team up with you and so shall we work together to prevail. So shall the evil be cast forth. So shall the Word of the Lord have dominion in the earth. When the Lord comes will He find that kind of faith upon the earth? It shall be so. It shall be so. It shall be so saith the Lord, that this faith shall prevail. The enemy shall fail but the one that walks in faith they shall prevail.


The Frontier Lands in the Spirit
Prophecy given by Annette Capps, 1980

   There are vast frontier lands in the spirit that are yet to be discovered. There are frontier lands in the spirit that God has laid for you to discover. There are vast frontier lands in which I alone know the way, but those vast frontier lands are waiting for you to push in and take your step into that area of discovery...for the Spirit of God will take you higher and He will take you beyond the things that you now know, He desires to take you beyond the things that you’ve yet experienced. For there are things…vast frontier lands full of the things of God that you yet don’t have any knowledge of. So, take your liberty, says God, and enter in and come with Me and together you will discover the things that I’ve prepared for you.





Frontier definition− a line or border separating two countries, the extreme limit of settled land, the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area. A frontier represents uncharted territory that you are challenged to explore.

Horizons definition− the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet, the limit of a person’s mental perception, experience or interest.

Avenue definition− a wide street or main thoroughfare, a means of access or attainment, a way of entering into or approaching a place.

  • The avenues of your spirit are limitless. It is easy to enter and accept what God has provided, obtain His wisdom and guidance.

  • We have only just begun to enter into what is available to us.

  • There is a line that separates the natural from the supernatural and it is through both the Word and the Spirit that we can enter in and DISCOVER what awaits us.

  • The means of access is the Avenue of the Spirit, the joint operation of our spirit and the Holy Spirit with the guide of the Word.

  • God’s desire is for us to walk together and overcome together.

  • No matter what it looks like, the darkness will NEVER prevail over LIGHT.

  • Don’t look to the authority or wisdom of man, because God’s Word will be the only thing that will stand.

  • The anointing of God will team up with us to prevail and evil will be cast forth.

  • The Word of the Lord will have dominion in the earth!

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  • Charles Capps