Removing the Roadblocks to Health and Healing



Removing the Roadblocks to Health & Healing is available in:

     In order to receive healing and live in health, you must prayerfully evaluate your life as a whole and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into wellness.
     In this book, Annette Capps gives a insightful, practical look at the emotional and spiritual hindrances that believers face daily.
     Recognizing and removing these roadblocks can enable you to receive healing and walk in health and wholeness.

  • Claiming Sickness as Belonging to You
  • Belief in Tribal DNA
  • Using Infirmity as a Tool
  • Holding on to Negative Emotions
  • Refusing to Forgive
  • Feeding the Spirit of Infirmity
  • Ignoring the Leadings of the Holy Spirit and Your Spirit
  • Staying in an Unhealthy Environment
  • Trying to Act Beyond Your Faith
  • Believing You Will Be Healed in the Future

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