God's Creative Power® - Gift Collection


God's Creative Power®- Gift Collection, by Charles Capps, is available in:

Leatherbound Book by Charles Capps. The heavens and the earth were created as God released His Power by the spoken Word. You have the ability to create your world by learning to speak what God's Word says about you. His creative power will change the circumstances of your life and bring healing and restoration to your body, mind and finances.

Nationally known seminar speaker and minister, Charles Capps, first published God's Creative Power® Will Work for You in 1976.God's Creative Power® for Healing and God's Creative Power® for Finances were released as the demand increased for this life-changing message. Today there are over 5 million books sold in this series!

These amazing mini-books are now available in this one edition,God's Creative Power Gift Collection. Providing concise teaching and applicable Scripture-based confessions, you will learn how to put God's Creative Power at work for you in all areas of life, including healing and finances.

The blueprints for your future are designed by your words. Those words set the cornerstones of your life, and you live within the confines of their boundaries. Learn to speak and declare God's Word and watch it create abundance in your life! 

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