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Glory, Light, and Darkness



Glory, Light, and Darkness
Prophetic Word given by Annette Capps April 24th, 2023


   So even a likeness, even a likeness and a joy and a laughter begins to come forth in this house. A laughter, a laughter, a laughter. A joy and a lightness for the darkness has begun to be driven out. It has been absorbed by those who desire it. Yes, the darkness is being absorbed by those who desire darkness. And as it does so and as it happens, the light grows brighter and the darkness begins to move off and the shadows become less.


   The darkness begins to move off of the body of Christ. And the true light of the gospel and the glory of God shall begin to shine forth. The mystery? Yes. The mystery. Mysterion. The mystery. The hidden things that have been hidden from the beginning of time from the ages that are now released are being revealed and it shall come forth and flashes of light and thoughts and ideas – even inventions, even in inventions. Yes.


   Even now, I am releasing my life and I’m releasing my light. And inventions and ideas are coming to the minds of men and women who have never before comprehended these things. Yeah. No, it’s not even necessarily a part of their everyday life. But it’s coming in a flash. It’s coming in a flash. And it cannot be explained by the mind of man nor by the reasoning of man.


   It shall only be explained by the… [tongues]. The released revelation of the spirit. And the revelation of the spirit that comes shall be powerful and mighty. Mightier than anything that you’ve seen. As a matter of fact, you’ll stand back in awe and amazement, and you shall even sometimes at times stagger under the amazement at what is taking place.


   For I am moving by my spirit, and I am speaking by my spirit and in flashes of light, things are being seen. Eyes are being opened. And there is a spirit. There is an opening of even… [tongues] as if a person puts on eyeglasses or binoculars or even a telescope. That they’ll see things they’ve never seen before. For my spirit will not be set aside. My spirit will not be overcome.


   And my body shall not fall prey to the darkness that is coming. And the darkness that is happening… for even though you don’t see it… even though you don’t see it, the darkness is being absorbed by those who really want it. And yes, it will become even visible in the physical realm by those in both ways. By those who have desired to absorb the darkness. Those who have desired the darkness, they are absorbing it even now.


   And it will manifest not only in their physical bodies and in their physical minds, but it will begin to manifest in the world of the spirit – even the darkness shall begin to show itself and manifest itself. But do not be afraid. For the glory of God that is within you shall also begin to manifest itself. And there shall be signs and wonders that shall accompany you - even you, yes – you’ve said who am I?


   That’s the apostles, the prophets…no it’s not saith the spirit of God. The glory of God is within you and accompanies you. And it shall manifest even on the outside of you, and you will see even in the physical realm, there shall be those who shall see the appearance of angels.


   They shall see Jesus Himself. Shall present Himself. The angels will present themselves. And signs and wonders and miracles. Things that you can’t comprehend right now, but which shall shortly come to pass will be seen in the physical realm. For even as the physical darkness shall manifest itself and show itself. So shall the glory and the power of God manifest itself.


   And yes, there’s a showdown coming. But don’t be afraid because the greater one is in you. And the glory and the light shall shine forth from you and you shall demonstrate and prove and shall stand and you shall be an amazement even to the world because the glory of God is manifesting. And I am releasing some things today sayeth the spirit of God.


   I am releasing some things. I’m releasing some things. So, lift up your hands and say I receive it. Because I am ready and willing to give it today sayeth God.


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  • Annette Capps