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Your Words Get to the Future Before You Do

Your Words Get to the Future Before You Do


   As I edited this pamphlet, I was amazed at the accuracy of the Word of God and at the revelation and insight that comes from reading this teaching. When I came to the last page, I saw this statement:

   “Your words get to the future before you do.”

   Like servants, they go ahead of you and prepare the way for you. WOW! Recently I heard a well-known minister on television quote that statement. He may not know who said it, but he definitely knew what it meant and shared that same revelation with millions of viewers. (When Dad first made that statement, it was to a relatively small group and word spread by cassette tapes, but the seed of that revelation produced fruit and is still producing fruit in the lives of other ministers and believers.)

   My mom and I watch Christian TV and enjoy keeping track of teachings and statements that are made from various ministers of every faith who unknowingly quote something Dad said 40 years ago. Sometimes we are astonished because the minister who said it is not someone we would ever expect would have ever heard Charles Capps, much less accepted the revelation of that part of the Word.

   It just goes to prove that words are seeds. God’s Word is a seed that continues to produce fruit in the lives of all whose hearts are open to receive the revelation of it. You may think your words fall on deaf ears, so to speak, but never underestimate the power of a seed!

   Your words go before you to the future. You are framing your world with your words, and it’s in your power to choose a blessed future. Send your servants to prepare the way!


In Christ,

Annette Capps


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