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December 2021 Partner Letter

December 2021 Partner Letter

December 2021

Dear Partner,

   No matter how many times I have heard teaching on Mark 11:23-24, I get something new and different energized to my spirit when I study these verses. I have to tell you, this month’s pamphlet is powerful, even if my Dad did write it. It doesn’t belong to Charles Capps or Kenneth Hagin; these scriptures belong to you and to me. Jesus spoke them to His disciples and to all who will ever follow Him. These principles are eternal, uttered by the lips of the One sent from God!

  • When you pray, believe.

   Can it get any simpler than that?

  • Prayer alone does not bring deliverance. It is the prayer of faith.

   Have you ever been shocked when your prayers are answered?

   The group that was praying for Peter’s deliverance from prison refused to believe that Peter was standing at the gate knocking at the door after the angels delivered him. Someone prayed in faith, but others did not believe their prayers would work because when the answer showed up, they wouldn’t let him in! Who knows what they were thinking, but they sure weren’t expecting Peter to walk up to the door, a free man!

   Perhaps you have been praying and expecting God to meet your need in a narrow specific way. You may be wondering why the answer hasn’t come when it is knocking at your door. Because it is not the way you thought it would happen, you can’t see it right before you! I pray for you that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to all He is providing for you in the places you aren’t looking.



In Christ, 

Annette Capps


Click Here to view this month's teaching, "Keys to Answered Prayer."

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