Rebuilding Your Walls and Setting New Boundaries


Rebuilding Your Walls and Setting New Boundaries, by Annette Capps, is available in:

  • Audio Teaching Series (2 CD's with both parts 1&2)
  • Audio Teaching MP3
  • DVD Teaching - Part 1 - "Repairing Emotional Damage"
    Run time 1 hr, 42 min
  • DVD Teaching - Part 2 - "Setting New Boundaries to Break the Patterns"
    Run time 1 hr, 2 min

When you have suffered emotional devastation, you are faced with a choice to heal or remain in a state of destruction.  You can rebuild your life by setting healthy boundaries to protect your heart.

Redefine your boundaries and defend your city. Find emotional healing by redefining your boundaries with God's help. Survey your destruction, then rebuild a healthy mental and emotional life. Learn to handle difficult people and situations.

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