Friends with God with Gladly Bear - Sunday School Curriculum for Preschoolers Ages 2 - 5


Friends with God with Gladly Bear by Beverly Capps

Sunday School Curriculum for Preschoolers

17 weeks of lessons for preschoolers ages 2-5.

Organized and easy to use- even for the first-time teacher!

Having a relationship with God is important for children. This planned-and-organized curriculum is part of a series of teachings that will help children learn how to have a close trust in Him. It is provided to help teachers train preschoolers to know that God is their best friend and He always will listen to them. In fact, He looks forward to it! Nothing else to buy! You can start anytime during the year


  • 17 Week Master Lesson Book
  • Teacher's Instruction CD
  • No-Mess Creative Wikki-Stix (two packages)
  • Gladly the Bear Puppet
  • Two Sheets Flannel Graph Characters
  • Reproducible Coloring Sheets/Master Copies
  • Three books: God is Never Too Busy to Listen, The Three Bears in the Ministry and Little Red Ridinghood (retold as a faith tale) 

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