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Ultimate Trust—My Daddy is the Best Pilot in the WHOLE WORLD!

by Annette Capps

   Outside the windshield of the Piper Twin Comanche, the world was spinning and the patchwork of cotton fields and rice fields was a dizzying kaleidoscope of colors from an altitude of 10,000 feet. The g-forces of our rapid descent to earth plastered my body to the back of the seat like glue and I could feel the skin on my face stretching toward my ears.

But, I wasn’t afraid.

I should have been…but I wasn’t.

Why? Because my Daddy was the best pilot in the whole world! 

   We were in an uncontrolled spin in a twin engine plane, with the direction of the spin reversing each time my Dad applied power to the opposite engine to attempt to stop the spin. In 1963, I was 9 years old and my Dad was a young 29, and that day both of us almost went to heaven WAY TOO SOON…right there in our own cotton field. (There would be no God’s Creative Power® or Quantum Faith® books written!)

   Oblivious to the danger, I was calm, and felt safe in the passenger seat. I flew with Dad a lot, and occasionally he would let me float to the ceiling in negative G’s like the astronauts do in outer space by nosing the airplane over and unfastening my seat belt. I loved it. My sister did not! So Dad took me with him when he tried out new airplanes.  So far, this test drive of the Piper Twin Comanche was not going well.

   At 1000 feet above the cotton fields, Dad recovered the airplane out of the spin and we stopped descending nose first into the bright white bolls of cotton that recently opened. (Yes, we were close enough to the ground to see the cotton bolls!)

   We skimmed over the tops of the electric wires on the county road, and landed on the short grass airstrip at the family farm. Although plunging down to the earth nose first and being plastered to my seat was a new experience, I was not afraid because I had the ULTIMATE TRUST in my father. I was safe. He was the best pilot in the whole world.

Ultimate Trust in Our Heavenly Father

   Years later, when I realized what REALLY happened that day, I understood it was not my Daddy that saved us that day; it was my Heavenly Father. It was probably also the result of my Grandmother Capps’ fervent prayers over my father. The angelic forces intervened that day and stopped that uncontrolled spin.

   No doubt, the experiences flying with my dad (and there are many) helped me to develop trust in God to protect me and deliver me from danger. How many times do all of us receive divine protection and are never aware of it? Just as I was blissfully unaware of the imminent danger of death in that airplane, when our trust and faith is in God to act as our caring Father, we might not even be aware of the NEED for protection. But He cares for us.

   The 91st Psalm is a favorite of mine. Written by Moses, whose life was divinely protected from death by being put in a “secret place” by his mother, he floated in that basket of reeds on a dangerous river completely unaware of the plot to destroy him. He declared, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” How much safer can you get than that? The “secret place” of God, our Father must be a place hidden from every enemy. I believe the survival of the children of Israel in the wilderness makes it clear that safety only exists when dwelling in the Presence of God.

   In this Psalm, Moses makes statements born of faith:

I will say, “You (God my Father) are my refuge, my fortress, my God in You will I trust.”

   (This is Moses’ declaration and commitment of his ULTIMATE TRUST in God.)

He will deliver me…  

He will cover me….

   (This is what God the Father will do in response to Moses’ commitment to trust God fully. Moses put God in the pilot’s seat, and he was the passenger.)

I will not be afraid of the terror of the night.

I will not be afraid of the arrow and weapons of the day.

I will not be afraid of destruction or sudden death at noonday.

   (This declaration is to be on your lips continually. “I WILL NOT BE AFRAID!” To say, “I am afraid” “I am scared something bad is going to happen” is to deny that you have ULTIMATE TRUST in the Father.)

   It shall not come near me. Although a thousand may fall in my city, my neighborhood, and ten thousand in my state or nation, I am protected and safe with my Father God. I may see it, but I won’t be a part of destruction. Not me. Not my home. Not my family.

   No evil. No plague. No calamity will come near me, my home, or my family, because I have made God, my loving Father my refuge. The Most High is my dwelling place.

   (Say NO to evil. Say NO to plagues and calamity! Say it out loud. Just as you would shut the door on an intruder. Shut the door by saying NO!)

   He has given His angels charge over ME. They are with me, surrounding me, and protecting me at all times. 

   (My Dad and Mom never left me alone and unprotected without supervision to make sure I did not get into trouble. If God is your Father, He will make certain that angels watch over you at   all times.)

   I tread over all my enemies, seen and unseen. They are under my feet because God has made me victorious. There are unseen forces of darkness and there are humans who yield to these forces. The children of Israel, chosen by God, were assailed on every side (and still are) by the enemies, seen and unseen, that have tried to defeat them. But Moses knew the secret place of safety in God, and as long as the Israelites dwelt with God and followed Him, their enemies could not defeat them.

He will deliver ME

He will set me on high and lift me above my enemies. 

He protects me

He answers me.

He is with me in trouble.

He delivers me.

He honors me.

He satisfies me with long life, and I live out the full span of my life in peace, health, and protection.

   Perhaps you did not have a loving earthly daddy as I did and have no model to relate to God as your protecting Father. Read and study Psalm 68 and especially note verse 5 which says:

   “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation.”

   In my child-like faith, I envisioned my earthly father as “The best pilot in the whole world!” I pray that you may come to know God as your Father and say, “My Daddy is the best Daddy in the world!”



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