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Patrick Houston with Go Foundation

Patrick Houston was an entertainer in the rap music world who had acquired success, money, and recognition. But with the fame came addiction to drugs, liquor, and women. By his own admission, the words he was rapping were only fueling his own ego and pride.  


   “Being from the ghetto, I was on an ultimate high and thought all this was a blessing, lots of money and women. Now I see I was completely blind. My addiction wasn’t just drugs and liquor, it was the money. I had to have as much as I could get my hands on, as much as my eyes could see. With this mean obsession of money came an irrational fear of someone trying to rob me and take it from me. I even used to say, ‘I'm so rich—I could stand a kidnapping.’ Because of my confession I had developed deep seated fear, but did not understand it at the time.


   “I had a felony charge when I was younger and had done time in state prison for a robbery. I was actually out on parole when I was having success with my music.


   “Having this fear of being robbed made me buy lots of guns which was a very, very bad idea for me. One day when I was riding on the north side of Memphis, Tennessee, I was pulled over by the police. They found two guns in my car. And as a result, I was put in jail to finish the state parole, which was only 7 months. However, I kept thinking to myself (or should I say the devil brought a thought to me), ‘This charge with this gun might go federal.’


   “Now mind you it wasn’t federal yet. I just had a regular gun possession charge on the state level; it wasn’t a federal charge, which carries a stiffer sentence. But in my lack of knowledge about the power of words, I started asking people if this charge could go federal. I kept talking about it to people and saying out my mouth ‘This may go fed. This may go fed.’ And just like I said, it went fed. I got locked up on the federal charges for weapons possession. As a felon with a hand gun, I got 4 years in prison. On top of that, I had been at the height of my success in my whole music career. It had just peaked at that time and now it was snatched away. I was really bitter. I was full of anger and rage. Although I blamed the system, it was really my fault.


   “For almost 2 years, I was put in the worst prison in the federal system—FCI Beaumont; they call it “Bloody Beaumont.” There were stabbings, and killings, with the worst gangs in the world all on one compound. Later I was shipped to a prison in Greenville, Illinois.


   “While there I would listen to this AM radio station, and I heard a preacher, a man of God by the name of Charles Capps. He was speaking on words and how…out of the same mouth comes blessing and cursing, and being snared by the words of your mouth. A light bulb came on in my spirit. I had spoken my own situation into existence. Mister Capps was saying that fear is the opposite of faith and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. He also said that you must meditate on the Word and meditate means to mutter, to speak.


   “I was like, 'Wow! I never heard a person break down how to build faith before.' He went on to talk about a person having what they are saying. Now the last thing he said was about hearing yourself on a tape recorder, how I don’t sound like myself on a tape recorder. Well me, being in the music business, I could relate to that! At that point he spoke about the inner and the outer ear, and how when we speak words our inner catches it and it goes in our spirit. I promise…it blew me away! It’s like God shined light in my spirit, and I got on a real confession mission. I got a Bible, wrote a lot of scriptures, and just confessed over and over. I have started to subconsciously live out what I’m confessing.


   "I repented of all my wrong and rededicated my life to God. JESUS IS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR. I’m saved and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and I’m now passing out Charles Capps’ books, The Tongue A Creative Force. I’m living my life for God. My life is so much better. Words couldn’t describe."


   For more information about Patrick Houston's prison ministry, Go Foundation, you can visit: or email or write to: 857 W. Poplar #183 Ste. 23, Collierville, TN 38017.


Patrick Houston ministering in Prison  prisoner holding The Tongue A Creative Force Go Foundation ministering to a maximum security prison 


   Annette’s Note: We were first made aware of Patrick when the shipping department noticed that one man kept ordering large quantities of the book, The Tongue-A Creative Force. It was so unusual that we asked one of our staff members to check with him and see what was happening with these books. Now, we have to say WOW! What a testimony! Only eternity will reveal the lives that are being changed by Patrick distributing these books. In addition, his testimony has opened our eyes to the unseen effect of the radio ministry. Although we don’t receive a lot of reports, it is obvious that people are listening in places we have never considered. It also encourages us that our mission of publishing and broadcasting the Word is working and yielding fruit whether we see it or not! Thank you, partners, for enabling us to continue this ministry.




Charles Capps on cover of Team magazine 1964


   Charles Capps began his ministry by ministering to inmates at “Tucker Prison” early in the 1960’s. As a small child, I still remember Dad preparing to drive 10 miles to the small town of Tucker, Arkansas. At that time, some of the most hardened criminals faced death in the infamous “electric chair.” Dad wanted to make certain that they had an opportunity to make Jesus their Lord and Savior and spend eternity with God.







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