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March 2019 Letter from Annette

Dear Partner,

      It is so easy to focus on the problem (whatever that may be for you) because the problem screams loudly. The news is filled with the problems. We have been trained to pay attention to the problem. Because of that, it is more challenging to focus on the answer... and that is where the solution lies.

     Recently, when faced with a problematic circumstance, I found myself constantly thinking about the problem for several days. If you don’t have money to pay your bills, what do you think about? Lack! If you have a conflict at work with someone, you think about how wrong they are and probably experience anger. Having a sick or drug addicted child can generate fear and worry, with continual thinking about medical bills or death from overdose. Thank God my “problem” wasn’t that severe.

     After a few days, I realized I was on a merry-go-round of problematic thinking and decided to disembark. STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND LOOK AT THE SOLUTION!!! So I went to the Word and found three scriptures to support resolution of my case. You don’t enter a court of law without something to back you up and being persuaded of your rights based on the law. Crying and pleading doesn’t work, but quoting the law and precedent does. Are you getting my point?

     I searched and found 3 witnesses. Jesus, referring to the law of Moses, said “in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” (Matthew 18:16) The witnesses for me were 3 scriptures supporting my case. So I went to the courts of heaven fully persuaded that I was on the right side of the law of the new covenant. I focused on the answer. I am entitled to life, health, peace and prosperity as an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus! And so are you! Find your witnesses!

     Whatever your “problem,” the answer is in the Word, which produces faith to manifest substance (Hebrews 11:1). “Focusing on the answer” is another term for renewing your mind.” Approach your problem as if you were going to court:

  1. Know what the Word (law of the New Covenant) says about your request.
  2. Have 3 scriptures (witnesses) supporting your position.
  3. Study, meditate and pour over your “rights” until you are fully persuaded.
  4. Come before the throne of grace (court) presenting your case, confident in the Word. (Hebrews 4:16)

     God is on your side and it’s not Him you need to convince. It’s you! And the devil needs to know that you are convinced and you will not accept anything except what the courts of heaven have declared as your legal rights.

     Hold fast your confession until the full manifestation comes and if the enemy brings opposing circumstances or negative thoughts, bring out your three witnesses again!

                 God Bless You, 

                 Annette Capps


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