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January 2019 - Letter from Annette

January 2019


Dear Partner,

      “I wonder what the New Year will bring?” How many times I have heard that and even said it myself. Wondering is just speculation and invites all kinds of thoughts. Regardless of what happens with the economy or world politics, we have the ability to make a blueprint of the next year for our individual lives. It is not specifically goal setting, but a framework that we build upon for the next year.

     In the area where I live, we see new houses going up nearly every day. First the foundation is poured, then I see the framers nailing up the 2 x 4’s and walls to support the roof trusses. All the houses look pretty much the same – strong foundation, then the skeleton of what will be a home.

     Our foundation is Jesus the Word and then we build the framework of our lives by picking up a scripture, and nailing it in. By declaring it to be truth in our lives, we are making it our own.

     You are constructing your home literally and figuratively by what you say, what you believe and what you expect for the coming year. Will you build a year of peace? A year of Shalom? A year of health and prosperity in the midst of a world of chaos? It has been prophesied:

     “My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, in safe dwellings, and in quiet resting-places.” Isaiah 32:18 (AMPC)

     By appropriating this promise, you can experience the reality of peace…here on earth.

     Remember…regardless of what rages on the outside, a house that is built on the Rock (Matthew 7:24-25) – one who does the Word – will withstand all forces. A thousand or ten thousand may fall, but it won’t come near you. (Psalm 91:7)

     Doers of the Word are blessed. Be a doer of the Word this year!

 In Christ,

Annette Capps