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Act in Faith

    When the Spirit of the Lord leads you to do something, do you act upon it? Are you obedient to respond to the Holy Spirit?

     God can and does present you with opportunities to experience the abundance of His blessings, but you must step through the door. It takes an act of faith on your part to enter into His provisions.

     “Thus faith by itself, unaccompanied by actions, is dead.” James 2:17 (CJB)

     “Indeed, just as the body without a spirit is dead, so too faith without actions is dead.” James 2:26 (CJB)

     When God spoke to Elijah (I Kings 17:9) he had a choice to believe that God would use a widow in the midst of a famine to feed him. But believing didn’t get him a miracle, acting on it did. The widow also had a choice – she could be obedient to the Word of the Lord – or argue, “Sure, I will feed you, but multiply my meal and oil first!” No, to receive God’s provision you must first act in faith. When you go to the store to purchase groceries, you pay for it first. In order to get the food, you must pay up front before you leave with the provisions. In the Kingdom of God, the action of faith is your payment so to speak. The woman’s meal and oil didn’t multiply until she acted in faith first.

     In like manner, Naaman was not healed until he was obedient to the Word of the Lord through Elisha and dipped himself in the Jordan river as instructed. (II Kings 5:1-14)
What is God leading you to do? It may be small, it may be large – even a huge step, but your action of obedience will enable you to enter into God’s provision.

     Instead of identifying yourself with your problem, i.e. “I am a widow with no money.” “I am retired with no one to help me with repairs.” “My business is failing; I am going broke.” - identify yourself with Jehovah-Jireh!

     Jehovah-Jireh is the name of God My Provider. He not only created this world, but He made all its resources available to you through faith and obedience to His Word.
Take a small action of faith today. Speak to a neighbor, share a meal, give something away. Then prepare to receive from the Lord.


In Christ,

Annette Capps