Power of Positive Faith and Negative Faith


Power of Positive Faith and Negative Faith by Charles Capps

Single teaching DVD

In this series of 3 programs, Charles provides several classic examples of Positive Faith and examples of Negative Faith to assist us in discovering those areas in our lives where we are actually operating in negative faith.   Have you been calling things that are as though they are?  Then they will be that way forever.  You can change that through the Power of Positive Faith and be fully persuaded that what God has promised, He will do for you.


 The New Testament provides that the only way you can enter into the grace of God is through Faith. Grace is God’s willingness to use his power and ability on your behalf even if you don’t deserve it. You don’t want what you deserve. You want to plead mercy and grace.

Are you fully persuaded that what God has promised in the Bible he is able and willing to perform? Most people have no problem believing that God is able but they have problems believing that God will do it for them. If you are fully persuaded; you believe that it is yours; you believe that God has given it;

Saying things about how it never works for you is the Power of Negative Faith. 

We are talking about the Power of Positive Faith. God taught Abraham how to operate in the Power of Positive Faith. He taught him to Call Things That Are Not. We are talking about calling for the promise of God. This is the promise. The New Testament is the Last Will and Testament of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Every promise in the New Testament is yours but you only have access to it through faith. There is more to the Bible than faith but none of the scriptures will work for you unless you have faith in it.

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