Freedom from Religious Systems


Freedom from Religious Systems, by Charles Capps, is available in:

  • Audio Teaching CD
  • Audio Teaching MP3

3 CD Series

Freedom from Religious Systems by Annette Capps. This teaching will enlighten you and encourage you to be free from religious bondage.

Disc 1

  • How some leaders use their position to control and manipulate 
  • Why people are attracted to abusive churches and leaders 
  • Warning Signs of abusive religious systems and leadership

Disc 2

  • Conflict, control and resolving difficulties 
  • Hallmarks of healthy churches and families 
  • As in the home, so in the church 

Disc 3

  • Recognizing false leadership through your inward witness 
  • Trusting your own judgment vs. listening to others 
  • Religious addicts 
  • Rules and beliefs of toxic faith systems

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