Co-dependency Issues and the Christian Lifestyle


Co-dependency Issues and the Christian Lifestyle, by Annette Capps, is available in:

  • Audio Teaching CD (3 CD)
  • Audio Teaching MP3

Symptoms of Co-Dependency are:

  • Letting others direct and control your life
  • Directing and controlling other peoples’ lives
  • Living your life to please others
  • Can’t say no
  • Scheduling your days and priorities according to guilt
  • Valuing others' opinions more than your own

This teaching, by Annette, will help you to recognize unhealthy co-dependent behavior, and teach you how to recover from guilt and replace walls with healthy boundaries. 


  • How to identify religious distortions that feed codependent behavior
  • How to bring moderation into your life and emotions
  • Recovery skills for freedom from guilt, fear, and the need for approval
  • How to replace walls with healthy boundaries

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