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Prayer for Nation and Election


Prayer for the Nation and Election

Those of us who are filled with the Holy Spirit can pray in the spirit and affect change in our nation. The Spirit can make intercession through us to bring about the will and purpose of God in the earth.

I am asking you to intercede on behalf of this nation and its leadership by praying in the Spirit and also praying this prayer aloud.

   “Thank you Father for your Word has declared that I am strong in the Lord and the power of Your might, therefore I stand on behalf of my city, my state, and my nation in the name of Jesus. I speak forth the Word and declare that the hidden things are now revealed and the forces of darkness are exposed by the light of God and His Word. By the power of Jesus’ name, I bind every spirit that has attempted to infiltrate our government with darkness. You are rendered harmless and ineffective NOW in Jesus’ name. Our leaders have ears to hear and they now follow the Good Shepherd and the voice of a stranger they do not follow. Angels of God, go forth and see to it that people are moved into positions of leadership by divine appointment. Those who are called will find their rightful place and fulfill the will of God. No weapon formed against this nation shall prosper!

   I speak peace, prosperity, and blessing and call forth the will of God to be manifest here and now.

   In Jesus’ name, so be it!”



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  • Annette Capps