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March Partner Letter

March Partner Letter

March 2020

 Dear Partner,

   I want to share with you some things that God is showing me. There are prophetic words that have come forth by the Holy Spirit concerning this year and what God is doing not only in this nation, but in the earth. I am not referring to prophecies of doom, but words from the Lord that my spirit bears witness to: that there is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival begun in the earth. I see it and I see the seeds of it spreading to hearts and lives everywhere! Yes, I see a physical manifestation of it here and there, but what I am referring to is a “seeing in the spirit.”

   The past outpourings of the Spirit were geographically limited. Because of that, there was some limitation to the number of people whose lives were affected. Obviously, there were limited numbers of people who attended the great tent revivals of the 50’s, the charismatic revival of the 60’s, and the Word movement of the 70’s. But with the internet, on demand and live streaming of services, this outpouring and the seeds are virtually unlimited in touching every nation on earth! Those limited by finances or travel will be able to participate and receive of this anointing.

   Secondly, as armies of angels are loosed upon the earth to raise up leaders and take down leaders, we must be very mindful to speak only the words of God’s purpose! Only allow your mouth to affirm the Word of the Lord coming through the prophetic ministry. Do not speak of fear, anger and hatred, speak only words of grace and praise God for the outpouring of His Spirit upon this nation. Armies of angels have now been sent to move spiritual and political mountains. Use the power of your words to assist them!

   We have been trained and instructed concerning the power of our words for nearly 40 years. Will you choose to speak in agreement with God and enter into this outpouring of the Spirit? (Acts 2:17-18) Will you speak words of love and unity in your home, church, work and nation? Now is the time to “call things that are not” and refuse to agree with voices of anger and hate. By doing so, we unleash God (Who is love) to move among us!

In Christ,

Annette Capps


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