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Book Price Increase

Book Price Increase

The retail (or sticker price) of our books has gone up several times in the past 20+ years. We have not increased the Capps customer price on most of our books during that time. However, due to the cumulative increase of costs, the following prices have changed as of April 5, 2023.

All Mini-Books will now be sold at $3.00 each. (retail price $4.01)

Daily we get testimonies from individuals about how God transformed their entire life after being given one of the God's Creative Power® Mini-Books and applying it to their life. We are excited to announce permanent discounted pricing when ordering multiple packs of individual titles of mini-books. Thank you for continuing to share the transforming power of the Word of God!

 Click Here to buy Multi-Packs

10-Pack           $27.00                         Save extra $3.00         ($2.70 each)

20-Pack           $51.00                         Save extra $9.00         ($2.55 each)

50-Pack           $120.00                       Save extra  $30.00      ($2.40 each)

100-Pack         $225.00                       Save extra  $75.00      ($2.25 each)

Case                per title                      50% off Retail price    ($2.00 each)


The following trade-size paperback books have also had a price increase.

Title Capps Customer Price Retail Price
The Tongue a Creative Force $9.00 $10.99
Angels   $9.00 $10.99
Faith and Confession    $17.00 $18.99
Success Motivation $15.00 $17.99


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