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The Triangle Of The End


The Triangle Of The End

Prophecy given by Charles Capps July 1987

"There shall be great manifestations of My Spirit."


   Those who prophesy doom have seen some things, but they haven't seen it all. They say that darkness is coming, and darkness is overshadowing. Yet, in the same time frame, there will be a great light and great manifestations of My power. 


   For as you approach the triangle of the end, time shall grow closer. Time shall grow closer and faster because it is coming to a point. And it must be line upon line, precept upon precept down the middle of this triangle. Time shall go faster and closer, faster and closer, faster and closer.


   There was a day when at the top of the triangle, you could be way to one side, following afar off and still be in the light that is inside the triangle.


   Outside this triangle is darkness—gross darkness—and it shall cover the earth. The world shall walk in that darkness. But my people are inside the triangle, and the light is growing lighter.


   The light is coming to a point until it becomes a laser. At that point, the light shall be bright. The light shall manifest more. Illumination shall bring more understanding.


   So the line that comes down the center of the triangle is My Word—precept upon precept, line upon line. The one who followed afar off several years ago was still in the light. But as you get to the little end of the triangle, that person will be in darkness, gross darkness.


   Gird up your loins with the truth. Draw close to My Word. Polarize yourself with the Word of God. Let the entrance of the Word illuminate you. Come as close to that Word and that perfection as you can. For I have said in My Word, "Be ye perfect even as I am perfect."


   Strive to come in line with the Word that you may grow up into all things in Christ. For the darkness and the wicked spirits have sped up their activities—faster, faster, faster, and closer. And so have I sped up My activities in the triangle of light for more illumination, more illumination.


   For you have seen the illumination that is coming, but you have not seen the manifestation of My power that shall be at the end of the triangle. For it will be light, then lighter, and brighter. Then it becomes a laser, and there shall be a great manifestation of my power.


 (This prophecy delivered by Charles Capps is recorded
on the 6 CD series, Faith Seminar.)



Watch and be blessed by this recent message from Pastor Alan DiDio from the YouTube channel Encounter Today, as he shared a prophecy, The Triangle of the End given by Charles Capps, about the hour we're living in.

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